Saturday, March 15, 2008

What's in Your Bag?

I was putting together a list for this year's Jack Daniels Open in Mesquite, NV... a list of stuff to pack in my golf bag. You'd think the things to include in a golf bag would be fairly obvious, but it's been surprising over the years what I didn't have in my bag.

My informal list:

  • Tees - long and short
  • Balls - 6-9 soft/feel, 6-9 hard/distance
  • Tape (for fingers cracked raw after many rounds in the desert)
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Rain cover
  • Rain gear - I keep a Microsoft Great Plains water resistant pullover
  • Lighter, cigar punch, portable cigar case (with cigars, naturally)
  • Ibuprofen / anti inflammatories / aspirin
  • Eye drops. In case you have to play soggy ground and catch the ball fat -- and you get a blast of grit, grass, and mud in your eye.
  • Ball mark repairer - and a spare one
  • Ball markers / dimes
  • Spare change-- be prepared - maybe keep a $20 bill stashed for emergencies
  • Towel - maybe add a spare for rainy days
  • Water - at least 28 oz/liter
  • Energy bar - I carry an apple if it's hot or I had to jump out without proper breakfast
  • Also great for high energy and protein is turkey jerky. Maybe some gum
  • Whisky flask
  • Um... clubs. I carry three wedges (Cleveland 56 sand, Cleve 60 lob, Titleist PW). My driver is a King Cobra, and my three-wood and five-wood are Callaway Steelhead Plus (love them).
  • Spare pencils -- for scorecards
  • Sharpie -- for marking balls
  • Spare cleats and cleat tool... although in truth you should get any cleats replaced or changed at the pro shop prior to your round. And I have never had to replace cleats during a round.
  • Glove and spare
  • Bandages -to repair blisters
  • Groove / club cleaner

Want golf balls with an image on them for a special occasion?

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