Monday, June 28, 2010

“Modern Times” with the kids

Charlie ChaplinHunting around on “movie night” for something to watch with Ben (4) and Eli (2), I thought I’d see how far I would get with Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times” before little voices rose in a chorus of protest.

To my surprise, not only did they both like it and sit through the entire movie, but Ben specifically requested it the next night… and the next night. 

I couldn’t be more delighted to watch the genius of Chaplin, who not only wrote, produced, directed, and, of course, starred in the film;  he also composed the original accompanying music.   I couldn’t stop noticing Chaplin’s balletic grace throughout:  the incredible control he had of his body.  

And it is such a funny movie, I was in tears multiple times, although I will also admit to a certain sentimentality on seeing my young boys enjoy Chaplin’s slapstick; that also brought tears of joy to my eyes.  

Our favorite scene was when Charlie, a prison newcomer,  inadvertently “salts” his food with cocaine dumped into a salt shaker by a fellow convict.  Hilarious!  If you have a spare four minutes, watch it:   

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