Monday, January 07, 2008

Hard drive wanderings

Explanations of hard drives and their use that reach down to the level of electronic ciruitry and rotational platter dynamics:

Cache size:


Basically the best hard drive overview I have ever read. It includes details about everything from heads, areal densities, platters, read-write mechanism, and more:

My Dell PowerEdge 1600SC server:

A guy taking apart his Quantum Fireball:

A cogent post on why it's better to leave your computer on most of the time. I will have to put my power meter on my NAS (has 3 x 500 GB drives in it) to see how much it really does use.

But another opinion (from the same guide) that seems to suggest that even powering up & down 10x per day for years is not close to the duty cycle of most drives:

Canvas prints at Shutterfly:

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