Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Upgrading my Creative Zen Jukebox

Found out that I could upgrade my 40GB Zen Jukebox Xtra to 80, 100, or more GB via published "hacks."

Bought a 120GB WD Scorpio for $70 + shipping from


  1. Great post - my Zen Xtra is just taking a crap right now - so I am thinking about doing this same thing; the link to the drive you used still works - and the drive is cheaper!

    How is your Zen Xtra holding out?

  2. Zen is still working fine, slightly amazing b/c it's been over six years since I got it. It has taken a back seat to my iPhone 3GS however. ;-) But it's still great as the media player in the kitchen -- and for long trips, since the 120GB drive holds all of my music, whereas the iPhone has only selected albums.

  3. I just got my HD in the mail from NewEgg - main problem I have is not having the right screwdrivers. :(

  4. I got the drive in just fine - and even did "reformat" and it showed 114 Mb (yay!)

    However - the computer doesn't even see the player and I can't install the firmware (when I do the Reload OS option, it wants to do it from USB).

    Am now following instructions that revolve around removing WMP 11 and all Creative products/drivers detailed here and here

    I wish mine was as easy as yours but I suspect I hit the "reload OS" option before it had to happen - no os reload from device memory was an option there.

  5. Still at it - had to take ALL creative software and drivers off - tried to reinstall but all I have succeeded in doing is crashing my XP box. Both my Windows 7 machine and XP box see the Zen Xtra - but with only 20 GB instead of 114 that it shows when I format the drive - and the software does not recognize the player. :(

    Got one you wanna sell? :)